03 Capabilities

What sets us apart is how we deliver

We have the expertise of a tier one contracting company, but with one distinct difference. Our focus on client relationships means the journey will be as enjoyable as opening the building on day one.

Contract Types

We are happy to negotiate or tender all types of contract arrangements with clients - early contractor involvement (ECI), design and construct, construct only and managing contractor.

Engaging With Us

The requirements of your project will dictate the type of contract you choose. Considerations include the design status of the project and how much responsibility the contractor will be taking for completing the design. For example, a construct only contract type means the builder would be focused solely on planning and logistics; whereas a design and construct contract would see the builder responsible for planning and logistics, time, cost, design and innovative value engineering.

What is an ECI?

Early contractor involvement (ECI) can be a good choice for complicated projects where building smarts need to be integrated with design early in the process. An ECI phase happens prior to a design and construct contract being awarded. During an ECI, the contractor works with your team, consultants and subcontractors to openly review and resolve complex design issues, mitigate risks, encourage innovation and find efficiencies.

Whichever contract type you choose, our clients receive excellent service and clear, transparent communication. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about which contract arrangements may be right for your project.

Leading Edge Technology

Having no legacy systems has been the greatest benefit of starting Roberts Pizzarotti. We have been able to choose proven technology and connect them on a single, bespoke interactive platform, all completely accessible using mobile technology. The technology we are integrating on site helps us to build more efficiently, of higher quality, and with better value for money. It also provides real time reporting for clients on the most important project - theirs.

It's also our strong view that technology holds the key to improving work life balance for our people and improving the career options for working parents.

Industry and Supply Chain

Relationship Driven

Our relationships with local consultants and subcontractors goes back decades. We are known for being straightforward in our dealings, and working collaboratively to get the best result for our clients. We provide a fairer risk profile for our subcontractors which lowers the cost to operate in the supply chain. Respectful relationships lead to higher quality results and safer work sites - two things we will never compromise.