02 Approach

Build a
better way

From design management through to commissioning, we offer clients a better way to deliver their projects.

“We started Roberts Pizzarotti to drive positive change in the Australian construction sector. That's evident in our approach to technology, our people and the supply chain.” Alison Mirams Chief Executive Officer

Best of both worlds

Roberts Pizzarotti is a boutique tier one building contractor, offering design and construction services across all sectors. We offer the best of both worlds to our clients: the strength and stability of a construction company which has been delivering for over a century; coupled with an innovative attitude and the belief there is always a better way.

Local knowledge, global strength, innovative approach

Our Australian team offers unsurpassed local knowledge complemented by the strength of Impresa Pizzarotti, a global tier one construction and infrastructure company. While we've worked on some of Australia's most iconic projects, we aren't bound by the rules of the past. We'll always look for ways to innovate and reduce process which doesn't add value.

Safety first, always.

At Roberts Pizzarotti, safety is not simply a ‘priority’. It’s a fundamental precondition of everything we do. Safety management and operational excellence are inextricably linked. Safety is an essential component of our operating culture and is at the core of our approach to planning and delivering projects.

How we Deliver

Dream Team

Our people are the best in the industry, with outstanding design and delivery capabilities. We offer the best fit for project solutions. We will own problems that arise, and work as one team to resolve them.

Elevate Design

We elevate the design in 'D&C' and respect design throughout the build process. Smart, innovative designs save clients' time and money and pre-empt issues before they arise.

Client Focus

We build relationships as well as projects, fostering long term partnerships. We do what we say we will do and can scale across geographies with our clients.

Leverage Technology

Our bespoke technology platform means our projects have access to real time reporting. It allows our team to spend more time solving construction challenges and less time doing data entry.

Supply Chain

We are straightforward in our dealings and provide a fairer risk profile which lowers the cost to operate in the supply chain. We have an uncompromising approach to quality and safety.


Our values are an expression of what is important to us. They guide how we behave at work in order to achieve our goal of building a better way.

Empowered People

Empowerment is inherent in our high performance culture. We hire and retain the best people, so it makes sense to empower them to make decisions.

Working Smarter

We seek teams of diverse thinkers and never protect process where it doesn't add value. We embrace technology and use it to improve our projects, our productivity and our work/life balance.

Relationship Driven

Our relationships last longer than a project. We respect the expertise of our colleagues, clients, subcontractors and consultants because we know a team builds a project - not a person.

Creating Value

We are results oriented and have pride in our work. We'll always offer design smarts to enhance our clients' results.


We express commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability through our mindset around business, hearts and homes - underpinned by innovation and excellence.

Excellence & Innovation

We actively work to make the most productive planning decisions and use the best available technological solutions.


At the heart of our sustainability policy is being ethical, responsible and accountable for our decisions. A hallmark of our business is how we interact with - and care for - our people, industry partners and the community.


Our business model creates value for shareholders and considers sustainable growth for both our company, our supply chain and the communities in which we operate.


We consider the footprint we leave both at home and away: how we impact the environments where we build, our employees' households, our industry, and the communities in which we operate.